What is SCITT?

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) at Haybridge

Haybridge Alliance SCITT offers School Centred Initial Teacher Training, where you train to become a teacher while working in a school every day. You complete a year's teacher training and are recommended Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) at the end of it. Our programmes are linked to Birmingham City University providing a Postgraduate Certificate which carries with it sixty Master's credits.

The benefit of School Centred Initial Teacher Training is that you are inducted into school life from day one, gaining valuable classroom experience, working alongside excellent, successful practitioners, enabling you to master your subject knowledge, your theory of teaching (called pedagogy) and your classroom management skills. It is an effective, challenging and rewarding route into teaching, and we treat every trainee as an individual, identifying their needs in order to ensure they achieve an excellent outcome.

At Haybridge Alliance SCITT, you will be supported by a mentor throughout the year, and will have regular training days with other trainees in all subjects, where you will gain experience in the theory and practice of teaching, understanding of whole school issues, and a chance to share ideas with both new and experienced teachers.

As well as teaching, you will complete assignments on many aspects of teaching, and you will leave the course as a qualified teacher full of ideas and enthusiasm for this wonderful profession.

Where will I be based?

On the course you will be based in two of our host schools, all of which are dedicated to teaching & learning and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that all students have the best possible educational experience, whatever their ability, circumstance or gender. It is our belief that by investing in the next generation of teachers we can secure the best outcomes for young people and, therefore, we seek to attract and train the highest calibre trainee teachers.

Is it for me?

We are looking for new graduates and career-changers to become excellent, dedicated teachers. You should have a strong understanding of the subject you wish to teach before you start training, and a commitment to delivering your subject in an engaging and creative way. A minimum one week of experience working, or undertaking placement or purposeful voluntary experience in a school setting is essential for those applying for places. If you haven't had this experience, why not consider a place on the School Experience Programme run by the Department for Education, where you can gain as much experience in the classroom as possible to strengthen your application and prepare you for interviews? If you fulfil these requirements, have had some school experience, and are an effective communicator and a responsible, accountable professional, then the SCITT programme is a good choice for you.

How will I afford to train?

There are a number of bursaries available to trainees, which can be up to £30,000 depending on what you are training to teach. The most up-to-date information is available from the Department for Education.