Meet Our Host Schools and Extended Partners

The schools and institutions within our Alliance are of different sizes, within rural, semi-rural and urban settings and accepting differing demographics in their intake.

Each have their particular areas of expertise and specialisms. This creates many opportunities for classroom observation, collaborative work, training and support.

Through Haybridge Teaching School, our Alliance can offer the experience of teaching and training staff, National and Specialist Leaders, Headteachers and Ofsted Inspectors to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm through mentoring, leadership, CPD, school-to-school support, and research and development.

Whether you wish to train as a Primary or Secondary School teacher, or whether you are seeking further development and training for yourself or your teaching staff, we are confident that we will be able to offer training that is stimulating, innovative and supportive of your development.

We work with a range of primary and secondary schools to offer our trainees the broadest possible experiences in developing their skills and talents.

Host Schools